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Channeling with Connie & Barry Strohm – What If? | Jouney Through The Gate #36

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Live Channeling with The Strohm’s | The Malliard Report

This week on The Malliard Report Jim welcomes back a returning guest, however the interview is a lot more different than the previous time this guest was on the show. Barry Strohm is back for this episode but it is not Jim interviewing Barry, or Barry and Jim discussing paranormal and unusual topics; Jim interviews several individuals…in the hereafter…through Barry. Yes. You read that right. This week, Barry conducts a channeling session with Jim and answers to questions that have been plaguing Jim for some time have finally been answered.

Barry and his wife are able to conduct spirit communication sessions through the means of channeling via a channeling board (similar to that of a Ouija) to garner information on the subjects of life after death, reincarnation, aliens on Earth, conspiracy theories, and many other topics. During these sessions Barry has sought out the spirit guidance of many historical giants in order to gain clarity on number of topics and in doing so has made contact with John F. Kennedy, Ulysses S. Grant, George Custer, Buddy Holly, John the Baptist, and many others.

During this session Barry connects with several spirits that are tied to Jim. One of a Confederate Civil War solider, and one of a very boisterous and jovial prankster. This is certainly entertaining episode and one worth checking out. Make sure to look for Barry’s books on all major online retailers or head over to his website spritspredict.com for all of the latest predictions, news, and readings

The Malliard Report entertains its audience with insightful interviews that cover a wide variety of topics ranging from any number of subjects, you can be sure when you tune into the Malliard Report that you get yourself an earful of something that might just grab your fancy. With celebrity guests that come from all walks of life that include Loyd Aurbach, or even New York Times best selling author Jim Defelice, there’s always someone interesting to listen to. Skeptics, Authors, Paranormal Researchers, Mediums, even other talk show radio personalities, there’s no one involved in Paranormal that Jim Malliard won’t talk to.

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