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Predictions For 2019 | The Malliard Report

With 2018 rapidly drawing to a tumultuous close, it is once again that time of year. The annual Malliard Report predictions for the upcoming year. With 2019 just around the corner Jim and guests again make their predictions for what is to come.

Before jumping into what the future may hold it is probably best to look at what was thought to happen during the current year. One of the more common threads for future events in the year 2018 was a major technological breakthrough. While many were (or still are) thinking of a major consumer grade break through like a revolutionary new smart phone, or something similar, instead of what we did see in tech advances, however what we did get is nothing short of extraordinary. One example of such was the process of 3D metal printing. While 3D printing has been around for quite some time now, it has been limited to mostly plastics and usually consists of one off type builds. 2018 however saw the rise of metal printing and at a cost that would be consumer grade. This potentially opens the doors for small scale manufacturing that could certainly revolutionize many different industries.

Another prediction for 2018 was that of a major breakthrough in the medical field. While many of us long, and anxiously await for something like a cure for that horrendous scourge cancer, we still are able to embrace the fantastic changes that we get to see. One of the biggest breakthroughs the medical community saw in 2018 was what could be called “Genetic Fortune Telling.” Scientist are now able to review genomes in what they call polygenic scores to predict a person’s a chance of getting things like heart disease, breast cancer, even potentially an individual’s IQ. This is a huge because this will help in identifying pre dispositions that may arise in children, however, this could allow the possibility for genetic discrimination. If it should happen to show that an individual is pre-disposed to Alzheimer’s would it be ethical for an insurance company to drop a client even though they currently show no signs of the disease. Something to think about as this technology advances.

There are a handful of predictions that Jim makes as well as several callers that are very possible for the upcoming year. So tune in and take note to see what actually happens as the New Year unfolds.

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