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Spirit Photos, Angels & Strange New Shadow People | House of Asher

Kirsten Klang of Mystical Minnesota Paranormal is here with spirit photos that will amaze and scare you with their haunting images. Go to steveeasher.com to see these amazing images and sign up for my page to recieve updates on the show.

Paranormal researcher Steve E. Asher is also a freelance writer and artist, as well as a lover of music. Previously he worked over ten years in law enforcement and as a correctional officer. Steve is a longtime researcher of the paranormal. He has traveled worldwide, most recently to Thailand where he and his wife adopted one of their two sons. Steve is an avid lover of the nighttime. He has said this is when he feels most truly alive, in the darkness of the night, and therefore most productive in his paranormal research and writing. He is a native of Princeton Kentucky. Website https://steveeasher.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SteveE.Asher/

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